2nd Stakeholder Workshop

The second AMPERE stakeholder workshop was hosted in Brussels by the Centre for European Policy Studies on June 12, 2013. Twenty-five participants, including representatives from the European Commission, industry, research institutions and consultancies discussed stakeholder perspectives and AMPERE research results related to climate targets, mitigation pathways, and the role of European climate policy.

You can download the workshop proceedings here and view workshop presentations below:

ampere 2nd stakeholder workshop notes.pdf



Overview of the AMPERE project - Elmar Kriegler, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research


Stakeholder perspectives: European and international emission targets, and how to get there

The EU towards 2030: climate and energy policies - Tom van Ierland, European Commission, DG Climate Action


Shell Global Scenarios and perspectives - Charlie Samuda, Shell

European electricity sector perspectives - Jesse Scott, EURELECTRIC

Energy-intensive industry perspectives - Sylvain Lhote, Alcoa

Making or breaking climate targets: the roles of technologies, timing and international coverage

AMPERE study results: Implication of near-term policies for long-term stabilization - Keywan Riahi, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis


The stakes for the EU as early mover on climate stabilizationElmar Kriegler, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research


Focus on Europe: pathways to decarbonisation between carbon leakage and lock-in

Overview of WP5 results on EU decarbonisation pathwaysPantelis Capros, Institute of Communication and Computer Systems


EMF28 model comparison: The effects of technology choices on EU climate policy - Brigitte Knopf, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research